Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I have had a great day with the children here today-------Clair has been a little lady here,she has carried a purse on her arm most the day,and has just talked so big ,she has been shopping today.I as her where she was shopping at and she said "Branson" I ask her if she found any bargains she said "no;shoes I want", so even at a young age we can learn it's more a bargain to get what we really want then to buy from lots of sales-----yea,I always did say "one can go broke buying sales" The children have all played good here today,well baby Eryn did scream a lot when she did not get her way---(she is only barely one)man she is just turning one and has already advanced to the terrible two's---this may and may not be good a year from now---smile---she did start walking at 7 months and she says three words together now,so maybe she is ahead enough that she is in the terrible two's now and will be even more mature at age two-one can always hope! Baby Gavin wants to enjoy all the holding he can get before he moves on-loll---he is sweet,he does get mad for me to hold him---they sure do learn a temper early. (Gavin is close to one also)Gracelyne and Reece have shared nice today. It has been a fun day here for me. I love to listen to the children play.

Moving on , I do want to share a recipe with you all------Salmon Patties----I made these for supper today and they was SO good, made up my own Recipe .

county girl Salmon patties

1. one can of pink Salmon (any brand you want-I don't buy the most expensive,but I don't buy the cheapest either)
2. half a box of Jeffy corn meal mix
3. 5 tablespoons of dry onion sprinkled in
4.2 small eggs
5. one package (has 4 in it) of the snack cheese and crackers- mash up good together before adding
6. 1/2 cup whole milk (you can use 2%) and pour in slow-stir until patties stick together well put you can still stir.
7. now mix all the above well

pour a little corn oil in skillet enough to coat well-turn on and heat good-drop the mixture by spoon into skillet making a Pattie---turn down heat a little,so they want cook to fast and burn easy. "Do not" try and turn over until golden brown on bottom side,flip over and brown other side

they make 10-12 patties depends on size of Pattie you want to cook----I make some small ones for kids.

we love them and the kids here eat them too. My husband and I like to make a sandwich out of left overs the next day(heat in microwave)--we put sliced onion and mustard on them and sometimes add lettuce-----I think they are better then the average fish sandwiches one buys at a fast food drive through

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