Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Part 2 of Child play

1. Here is Eryn doing what she loves most, making music--this guitar is her favorite toy here ,it plays loud music,this baby is a year old and dances and pats her foot to the music.

2. Next is Eryn watching the children play in a kiddy pool here---waiting her turn

3-4. These are pictures of some of the children I keep playing in the kid's pool---they love it---and look at Eryn she sure did like it too,it was her first time in it here ,she did not get to stay long as I was afraid she would fall backwards and get water up her nose, I was close to her mostly holding on to her or standing in the pool with her. " NEVER EVER LEAVE KIDS ALONE IN A POOL----NOT EVEN A KIDDY POOL." keep kiddy pool fun & safe and they will grow to love swimming I believe. After this out door play they all came in and was asleep in 5 minutes---Even Eryn.

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