Sunday, January 31, 2010

All dressed up and no where to go

I do not post many pictures of my husband on here,This picture I really liked,I took it just last night,I told him soon we are going to dress up for some couple pictures together, something we have not did in a long time. Bill's mom has been hounding me for a couple picture. Here Bill was not ready for a picture to be took and I snapped this as he was trying on his suit jacket to make sure it still fit--it did,and he looked so good all dressed up,or at lest I thought. one day soon I will set everything up to get that couple picture for us and his parents.When I get it I Will have to post one.I did not have any lights set up here so it has shadows due to not enough light. I wish now I'd put my shoe mount light on my camera.That was probably all the light I'd needed with the white back ground.Oh well still got a good picture.
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