Thursday, February 25, 2010

Closet Case

Today we cleaned out the play room closet,which holds lots of games and puzzles and MORE toys,I am going through toys and I plan to give away several on Ind. free cycle,I just have to many.I had to take a break to go to the bath room and when I went back into the play room,Eryn had got into the closet and was trying on a size 4 sweater she found.I was very glad she had not fell out of the closet---she had put her baby doll on a stack of baby blankets just inside the closet,she got out all by her self by turning around and sliding out just like she slides off a bed,(I want leave the room again with that door open)still it was cute her sitting there and she was doing a good job at getting into that sweater and sit so content there putting it on by her self.She is a thinker.
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