Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It started out good

Gavin was in a great mood when he got here,but he must not have felt real good today-he was super cranky boy this afternoon---All the kids loved breakfast,it was a change for us,they had just fruit,bananas and seedless grapes,and for lunch we had southwestern chicken,Mmmmmm it was good.At nap time Eryn was asleep about the time her head hit her pillow,she was played out,Claire and Gracelyne play with her now a lot since Aryn can talk more,she pretty much talks non stop now and can say any thing she wants now. The boys hang out a lot together playing cars and spider man (boy stuff) I will be glad when Gavin can talk more and learns to play with the boys more,right now he just seems to pull their hair or take away their toys,they get mad at him,he will be playing and understanding more before they know it.
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