Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine/Birthday Party

We had a great day here-The children helped me make us a valentine Box about 11:00--we did our Valentines around noon-I put all the valentines cards the children brought, in that box,then I called names as I gave them out,they squealed with delight when they heard their name as several cards had CANDY -they ended up with 3 different kinds of candy,then after the cards was passed out,we sang songs together, and they ate candy and we had valentine cookies that a mom brought-Thank you.

I felt special too,I got a cool cup with hearts filled with m&m's (pink red & white ones) from Gracelyne--let me back up-almost filled--lol--Gracelyne had to make sure they was good on her way here this morning,she sampled a few. I shared what was left  with the children later---I got a red rose and some special coffee from Byayden's mom-I loved it,It was a good surprise,I got hand lotion from Reece and it was so cute,his hand print on it.I had seen this done before in a craft book as a gift ideal,When the child hands that hand print to you,let me tell you that is as nice as getting the lotion it's self----MELT ME.

About 12:00 the children all helped me set up for Peyton's Birthday party,that's right,we had a birthday boy too,and he was even born on Valentines Day.... We was super busy bee's today,we ate about 1:00 today, hot dogs,chips,cheese crackers,then came the cup cakes (Thanks Peyton's mom) and ice cream,every thing was SO GOOD. Even the children.After they ate and got all cleaned up,Peyton got to open his gifts in the play room as all the children sit in a circle watching--- Peyton loved all his gifts. Thank's to all who made Peyton's birthday special,and my day special too.HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY PEYTON-WE LOVE YOU.

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