Monday, April 19, 2010

fun fun

Well I have had a pretty good week-in-------we was all over Little Rock Sat. the plans we made did not work out as we did not check to see who was playing at The Comedy house and it was someone we had seen twice "THE SAND MAN" we did not like him either time we went to see him,so we went and ate dinner,went to the Peabody Park in Little Rock and durn it was so full we did not find a parking spot even close,so we went shopping and got Bill's dad his birthday gifts. we met a nice family while eating and we talked for an hour,so we did have a nice afternoon -we checked out the I-Max and nothing showing there,we came back home .

This picture was taken by Lanie's mom not long ago but it was my first time to see it----I need more days like this----sure are relaxing. I hope you all had a great week-in

I have Jury Duty starting this week-so I hope all goes well
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