Sunday, April 25, 2010

Looks who's sleeping NOW

Well Well-----these chickens have been hanging out in our neighbor hood-I think they live a few houses over,they want stay in their own yard,in their case that probably does not matter,I can hear Mr. Rooster every morning starting about 5 AM. and about every hour until around 9:30AM he crows---it's terrible,I do not live on a farm or close to one----I wonder if I can have them removed on the count of "Disturbing the piece" in my neighborhood. I get woke up and can not go back to sleep,then I look out my window and see Mr. Rooster asleep. I love to sleep in on the week-In's,I look forward to it---Live for it---Need it--------One way or another the chickens have to go. I have live bait traps and once they get in my yard and trapped,they will end up.......Well let me just say NOT WAKING ME UP! To think I use to see a Rooster and think how pretty! AT 5AM -there ain't nothing pretty.
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