Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How does our garden grow

I am so proud of our flower/vegetable garden the children have help planted and also help take care of---Today Gracelyne got the "I'm a special helper" sticker,with a bonus lolly pop,she did a great job helping me weed and the extra lolly pop was because it was all her ideal,when she saw Me working she ask to help, the others did not want to help,which is fine too.Gracelyne was surprised to see the lolly pop reward. She is such a sweet girl and my what a good little helper she was too.I will add pictures of her working a little later as they are still on my camera.

We are counting down the days left for Reece-he will be going to preschool in June-He will be missed here,his replacement was going to be a newborn but because she was born with a heart condition the baby is still in "The Children's,Hospital" in Little Rock.The Lee family found this out when they took the little baby girl in for her 2 week check up,so please pray for the little Lee baby.I just may how ever have my grand-children Jadelyn and Madelyn for the summer,their school will be out June 4Th I believe,which will be Reece's last day here. Their dad started a new job his first to get to work and come home every night to be with his family and their mom will be starting work any time,she just graduated from Lyon Collage with all A's (I am so proud of her) Next will be her masters,which she will work on as she works. I will be so excited to have my grand-children around,(How ever-I might need reinforcement called in) My sister said she will come help if needed.Jadelyn will be 9 yrs. old in June(which is up on us,and Madelyn will be 8 in Oct. this fall. My sister works a school so it just so happens she has the same time out as the children does.
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Cunningham's Chaos said...

Thanks Rita! Oh and I think reinforcement is always needed with Jadelyn, especially if she is having a bad day! I really hope she will be good!