Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Proud of my kids

I know I brag a lot about the children I keep,this is ISAAC he is 15 months old,he is joining the other children for arts and crafts here he colors and is doing a great job,he did not chew on the color nor did he mark off the paper I gave him. He seems to enjoy coloring. Isaac has been saying lots of new words and putting together a few words when he talks now. I have heard him say " done,more,daddy,mom-ma,hi,by,out side,down,toy,bus,no-no,dog,please and eat.

I have only had him a couple months now and can see him learning more and more,it want be long now until he gives up his taxi service and walks I feel sure of it.

Halloween want be long now and here Thurs. the 14Th I will be setting up a black drop and taking pictures of all the children that I keep who's mom sends their costume,and a group picture also-so mom's don't for get THURS. is a big day for the children,I will be doing 2 free 4x6 pictures, if you wish to buy a larger print that will be ok too.I hope all bring their costumes,also Claire has a birthday coming up Sat. so we are celebrating that also Thursday,if any wish to bring presents for Claire keep it under $10.00,I will get her a gift as I always get one so the child will have one to open from me-it will be a fun day and I am looking forward to it.
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