Friday, February 14, 2014

A New Year---2014- and I'm venting

Well I planned on starting this in Jan. but here it is Feb. How does time seem to aways be fast forwarding, my life is fast forwarding! I have got to slow down, I am always tired these days. I love my job of taking care of children, watching them grow and change is so amazing. this makes me 14 years. I also love photography and seems I have no time for it, well not near as much as I'd like!
For years I have been able to set up and take seasonal pictures of the children, right now I have babies along with older toddlers, with the babies it is pretty much impossible to get to set up and do pictures while the children are all here, I'm doing afternoon and weekend pictures mostly. now I have a husband I also want to spend time with,so my photography is on the days he works. I also have a grown son who does not drive! I seem to be his only taxi service, Our town has no other TAXI SERVICE. While I"m running errands to grocery store, Doctor appointments or what ever,it is taking my time, my precious time!

Now venting is a good thing, or at lest I believe it is, well seems I'm doing it here and sometimes to my sister so It's past due time to stop! No one wants to hear someone complain, NO ONE! Hix I'm tired of hearing my self and guess what, it makes me stress. Taking a deep breath and thinking of short cuts, yes short cuts in my life that will give me more time to do the things I enjoy.

This year 2014, I am going fishing and camping to relax and get out doors, I have not camped out in years, nor has my husband and he too works to many long hours! I"ve heard about working one's self into a early grave, if we don't slow down it is going to happen to both us.

Now that I"ve VENTED! I feel better, well some what.
 I did get a surprise from my husband today, Valentine's Day is tomorrow, no it's today, it is 1:25 AM. OK back to the surprise, When I walked into our bed room tonight---my husband had the most beautiful vase holding TWO dozen roses and the sweetest card leaning against the vase.WOW not one but TWO, one dozen red and one dozen white. Now how many ladies out there going to get TWO dozen roses for Valentines Day, and we have a date night Valentine afternoon.

Happy Valentine's Day to me and my husband, I did get him a box of candy and a card! Happy Valentine's Day to all my dear friends and to my wonderful mom.

Oh and if you are wondering why I am up at 1:00 am, you see my husband is a fire fighter (he got fireman of the year again 2013) I'm very proud of him. One thing for sure is; when that pager goes off it is really hard to go back to sleep for awhile. Right now my husband is at a house fire, they usually take about three hours of work before he can come in shower to get the smoke smell gone and hop back into a warm bed. God Bless our firefighters, no easy job there, this lady is heading back to bed and hoping to fall asleep or at lest snooze some---hard to fall asleep until my husband is back home safe.

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