Friday, August 21, 2009

Aren't they just TO cute----------look at the little guy's teeth,he is really cutting teeth, several at once, he means to eat a pork chop soon------and look at the smile on the baby girl----she will be having a birthday party tomorrow, Aryn is turning ONE and Gavin is right behind her, his want be to much longer either. Aryn was up in the rocking chair in the play room in these pictures, she was rocking and feeding her baby dolls,she would just pat them on the back and feed them with the doll bottle,she is a dandy--she put three words together yesterday,and when folks come and go she will say hi and by, these two babies love playing with the children here and get lots of hugs and kisses all day. Gavin loves hugs too. he was all smiles here as I took pictures of him while talking to him,he ate up that attention. It has been a good week here. Today we worked on colors, and did several puzzles. The children played out doors awhile, the older children got to swing and played in the sand box, We did not get to stay out long for the bugs, it sure was a nice day and I enjoyed being out as well.
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