Monday, August 24, 2009

What a beautiful week-in

Perfect week-in weather put me to work out doors-hubby was a lot of help too-----he always helps me dig the holes when planting new bushes as that shoveling hurts my hip---HATE MY OLD AGE PAINS!
I love flowers and lately I have just not got to work with my flowers,now I need this ever so often, just like a fisherman gets to smelling a catfish. Here are some pictures I took yesterday of a few flowers we have around our house, I had a wonderful week-in, we went to Lowe's in Searcy and shopped, I was on a mission to find the right bush to plant in a bare spot I had in a flower bed here, I found it, a fireball Hibiscus, (will live up to 20 below temp)we already have two Hibiscus a white & purple--I will baby this new bush in hopes that it will thrive here. My husband also spotted a section that had $2.00 plants for sale and we picked up two Lantana's, one red-one pink, I was so excited! At another store I also found a good deal on a baby gate "a much needed wide one" My old wide one came apart, it lasted me about 4 years, so I think I got my money's worth out of it.

Before we left Searcy we just had to hit out favorite
restaurant ever---Chilli's. We had their baby back ribs Mmmmm good. and cheese cake for desert. We left stuffed as usual. Now hubby & I love good food, I think at home "we eat to live" and when we go out "we live to eat" deserts are pretty much off limits here, We do usually keep ice cream. Lord knows I have a sweet tooth, so I do not need a lot of sweets here----I gave half a cake away a couple weeks ago to my grand children when they came over just to get it out of this house.

With a full tummy and some good deals packed in the trunk of my little sports car, we headed back home. As soon as we got here we went right to work putting out new plants in the ground. After all that work it was time to rest, so we went out doors and enjoyed the nice week-in weather more and got in out out-door hot tub, What a way to relax.

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