Monday, August 10, 2009

Feeling under the weather

Our week-in started out good, Hubby and I slept in Saturday morning,which we both needed the rest,we had a lazy day here and did a lot of nothing all day, We went to Little Rock Saturday night and took in a comedy show at Loony Bins,which usually is fun but,out waiter did the worse job of any I have ever know,she was a half hour getting our order,then another 15 minutes bringing out 1/2 of our order,yes you read that right 1/2 our order,she seemed to have for got to turn in our food order,well by the time we got drinks,the show was almost over,and a bad show at that another worse for us,don't go see Rahn Ramey,he was not funny and seemed to think he was better then most there,he did not wait around to shake no ones hand after the show,strange,and we had checked out who would be there that night on the web,hex it was suppose to have been a lady,so man was our plans all mixed up----we left there and went to eat at a karaoke Mexican restaurant-it was not bad and the food was good, the only thing was karaoke was set up out doors,and it was still hot and muggy,so we did not sit out and enjoy long,we headed back home played with out dog awhile and went to bed----I was SO glad we did go to the early show,and had some time at home before bed time,(plus time to eat after the show-loll)

How ever when we got up Sunday morning hubby felt terrible and why I do not know,I had him check his blood sugar,which he had not done in over a year(never thought there was a reason) well there was Sunday,it was only 34---------That's real scary-----he did not rush to the ER. he drank two Dr. Peppers, and started feeling better,but not real good all day,when he got up this morning his blood sugar was in the normal range 81---so looks like we will be keeping an eye on that now as well as his blood pressure which had been getting to low too,man what Else can go wrong---------good to see hubby feeling better now,relaxing with our dog and watching TV. Tomorrow should be an eventful day,we have a surprise to unveil-loll-so will tell that story soon-hope it goes well tomorrow------plus I have a full day with kid's----I sure did enjoy them today, I am off to hang up side down---yea that's right hang up side down on my inversion table hubby got me for my birthday this year(June) I love it, and after that it will be dinner for us here,relax watch a little TV,which I do not do often,then hit the sack and get ready for tomorrow--------
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