Friday, August 7, 2009

Fun day

Gracelyne had fun helping bake her cake----we all had fun today. Thank you TJ for bringing her with her cookies,she loved them,and was proud to get to share them today. Even baby Gavin got a bite of cake and Ice cream. The kids all played hard and was worn out by nap time,they were down at 1:30 today,as soon as they got down Gracelyne's mom came for her,Gracelyne and Peyton was not sound asleep yet,so Peyton had a terrible 2 fit because he could not get up too,it was not long after Gracelyne left that he went back to sleep,now they are all asleep here.I think I could use a nap-lol----------I am so glad it is Friday,I have a full week-in with my Husband coming up,I always look forward to that,tonight I will go and pick up my son David's new eye glasses too,& take those to him, he is ready for them,he had broke his and was using an old old pair,they hurt his eyes but was better then none at all.

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