Sunday, August 16, 2009

Just a couple

I hope each one of you that reads this is having a great week-in----My husband and I got up early yesterday------I had to take my wedding ring in for repairs at a down town Jewelry store, the little part that was keeping them together had worn thin and broke,it happens after a few years I was told,I was not happy that I had to leave it there for the repair,it now has to be welded together at the bottom,Even thought it will only be a few days with out them,it does not seem right having them off,as this was the first time I have took them off since Bill slid them on my finger on our wedding day.
As I drove home I thought every where we go to day, people will see us as "Just a couple" hanging out. I know the ring does not make the marriage;well I also know a $100 bill is only paper too---Right--it's what it represents that counts. SO if you ware a wedding ring -be proud----it stands to let the world know you have committed to loving and sharing with your partner for life; though thick and thin as my granny use to say.

After I got back home,Bill and I decided to get out, take a drive and enjoy the day,no plans were made, we just headed to Little Rock first,we went to the mall,business there,so we was not there long,I was not in a shopping mood and nor was my husband,he is like me there,does not get into a shopping mood often-hex we do not like shopping most the time when it is something we need to get, so not the average woman here. Maybe not the average couple either.
After leaving Little Rock we decided we would head to Hot Springs and we did,we window shopped-that we can handle,no real choices to made,cost $0.00,so I guess this is why we like it-smile----We ate at the Whole Hog Cafe---it was great,they have the best Barb-B-Que in the state. They have got first place at Memphis In May contests, (we also love Memphis in May) If you like pork as we do and you have not tried this place,it's a must by chance you happen to land in Hot Springs, Ar. After out meal we sat and "people watched";another thing we have in common. Hot Springs is a friendly beautiful town-We love it. We took in A Magic Show,one I had only heard about,A Maxwell Blade show. He was good- real good!---it was a family show--he seemed to be a really nice God loving God fearing type person who loved his job.He was also funny. There was Lot's of children there and they all screamed with delight,and we heard Lot's of Ahhhhhhh----and wows from kids of all ages---if you have kids or are just a kid at heart as I am,you would love this show---it's a hour an forty five minute show---never a boring minute.
He does like to pull kids up on stage to be in the show---he is good with them---they really enjoy him and being up on stage too.

He did not use any adults for which I was glad of---I have did this twice,once at a magic show in the Bahama's (on a vacation)I liked it and the other time at Loony Bins in Little Rock, I was nervous then---and did terrible up there, gave me a complex (laughing) I try to sit toward the back now or in the middle. "The Sandman "was performing:he is a hippiest---I could not relax enough,I did not care for him then and I have been to see him once since and that's enough-I just do not care for him,even when I was not on stage with him.

Back to Hot Springs here------after the Magic show---we went for a walk holding hands on main street-A Date Night For Sure. There were lots of folks out walking,it was cool by this time. We really enjoyed it. we left at about 10:30 pm and headed home,I did my usual made it half way back and fell asleep while Bill drove us home.We got home about 12:30pm.

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