Friday, August 28, 2009

Mayo & Salad dressing

Here are the other two recipes that are a favorite in
restaurants, some try to replace salad dressing with ranch--want be as good---these two recipes need just what they call for as the other two I posted. Always thaw frozen veg. when used in a salad, in the corn salad
I said use green pepper, use the bell pepper you can use both green & red bell for more color.

I hope if you try these for your self they will be just as good as they are in restaurants all over and local.
These are a few of my favorite.

I do have another corn salad recipe made different,it is just as good, so I will go ahead and tell you now---use whole kernel Mexican corn(drained) chopped green onions add to this green goddess salad dressing. Do not use a lot of the dressing. This is best served cold.
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