Monday, August 31, 2009

A Time To BRAG

These are pictures I took here ----Gracelyne -Gavin & Peyton are cousins (Gavin & Peyton are brothers)-- Aryn got to ride in a wagon today--our step two wagon that I paid $100 for did not last but one summer,I was not happy with it--a wheel broke-hubby said he may be able to fix it-he will need him to weld it, good news is that he can do that at no cost. Hubby is handy that way. Not a lot he can not fix.
So for now we got out my work wagon, it worked & Aryn did not care what kind it was she had fun, here she was getting sleepy on me--her picture was not as clear as I'd liked it to have been,I did not use my good camera,but it was not real bad,so I posted it.Peyton was on his way to the bath room lol when I caught him-I'd been taking his brother Gavin's picture when ROAD RUNNER went by and said "I need to go to the bath room now! "He just got potty trained this spring-and I am proud to say he did great,well not the first week lol, he was not liking the change,but in just a couple weeks he had it down.He is learning his colors now and man he is doing great-in just a week he pretty much has his basic colors down, He is a smart one too.

I have a lot of smart kids, one child is only about 18 months and he is starting to count to 10,Gracelyne counts to 15 some times 20,she says her ABC's,she just turned 3 not long ago,she has known her ABC's since last year,Reece learned is ABC's early spring,he is 3 also,Reece learned his colors last year. Little Claire will be 2 years old real soon and she knows her ABC's too and counts to 10 ---in the fall we will start on shapes here-----They learn so fast at this age. Baby Aryn says about two dozen words and she just turned one-she has said three together for me and says two together a lot for me and has been saying thanks just this past week and please--I just love working with the children, some days it is noisy here,that's OK too,some days I have fussy babies,that's OK too,some days I have sick children who have to go back home---most days I could not have company even if I tried-I do not try lol-this is my job,I have no time for folks to drop in-unless they want to help ---the kids get their routine off if any one is here any time,unless they are here to help. All and all I love my job.

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