Thursday, September 3, 2009

Warning of Fire Hazard in most homes

I don't know how many of you like me have gone to these type bulbs to save energy,We here know they do not save money,as with-in the first week,we had one go out---another in about two months and now another one in about 8 months. (so much for lasting 5 years as they are suppose too)So they do not last any longer then the average bulbs. So much for saving money-----------Now my husband being a Training Officer and a Fireman knows a lot about fire hazards, today he carried this bulb that burned out to show his fire chef, as you can see it almost started a fire, if I had not of been home and it was left burning, it could of very well been a horrible house fire right here caused by this bulb,when it flickered a few times I turned it off. It smelled something terrible from it melting the plastic on the bulb.

I hope by me showing you this and telling you how unsafe they are, you will rethink buying them as we have. my husband says some blow out and do not do this but others do this and maybe even some Attic fires may have already been caused by these heating the wiring to the point of burning. I will be posting this on U-Tube as well to try and get the word out about these type bulbs----------We here want be buying any more-------Looking out for your safety, Rita
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