Sunday, September 6, 2009

All work & no play--not for me

I believe in working hard and playing hard------Yesterday we shopped all afternoon in Heber Springs. I came up with these cosy slippers, LOOK AGAIN, not slippers and not a toy, A foot massager yep, you read right a foot massager. My mom has a birthday coming up this week (78 years young) and at the end of a 40 hour work week(you read that right too-she still works hard) she sometimes says her feet hurt and are tired. wow I just in the last few years have heard this from her, I am already in pain some days,and sometimes it's when I wake up that it is worse; I have not been as lucky as dear old mom,I took after dad who was in a lot of pain many years before his last day on this earth. These massage slippers are moms birthday gift,I must say I had to try them out and they felt wonderful even if my feet don't hurt.

After all the shopping fun yesterday, I worked today, I had several sewing projects that needed done and a sewing machine that needed the tension reset,I got it all done in about 2 hours beginning to end----my brothers jeans one pair hemmed-my three pair of pants hemmed,my sister Sharon's four curtain valances made and her cow kitchen panels finished--------I am proud to have it done and I know my sister will be glad to get her stuff as well as my brother---------I have a scratchy throat and a head ache,I hope I am not going to get sick as we are suppose to go to a out of town Bar-B-Que tomorrow.......think I will clean up the mess from sewing I made and then go set in the hot tub rest then, watch some TV before I go to bed. Sounds like a plan----I hope you all have a safe week-in and holiday.
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