Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Craft day

well it may not look like much but the children have been excited today over their fall harvest napkin rings---add a napkin and I even think they are cute,by the end of the week the older children will have a set of 4 to take home. as you can see we used pinto beans and I have had other cute ideals for other seasons.
(so save your TP. rolls for me-we use them a lot in crafts) Clair is not here but twice a week and was really excited to get to join us today,she did two,and will be taking her set home Thursday. I will be doing more crafts on the days she is here,she is getting to be a big girl and does well painting also; she loves all the colors.

Also this was my first day of potty training Claire-Her mom started her Sat. over this past week-in,she did not have one accident here today and once went two hours to go potty before she went home. She is doing great.I am SO proud of her. I'd say the child is already diaper free. She only wore a pull up at nap time,and woke up dry,went right to the bath room. Claire pulled her own undies down and sit on the potty.I think in another week,she will just go alone when she needs too,she might need help with her clothes some getting them back on--but she is well on her way I LOVE IT! Claire will be two soon and what a big girl she is.
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