Friday, September 18, 2009

Just A Swinging-

You might have to be a dog lover to understand how excited I was to see my dog enjoy swinging,my dog was born blind ,he may not be able to fetch a ball (he wants to-and will take it out of our big dog's mouth and run with it-)
Buster makes it up by doing what dogs that can see usually don't care to try. I was looking through pictures of my dog Buster and seen these, taken in the early spring this year--------He still loves to swing and we do this at lest every couple weeks,in fact now all I have to do is say the word swing and he heads for the door. Now tell me how many dogs have you seen that love to swing! Look at that tongue ,now for a dog that's content,all relaxed and enjoying the breeze-----To Cute
The children think this is SO funny and like to swing him,That too is TO cute.They love Buster,he will lay on his back and just soak up the tummy rubs from them---after swinging he usually comes in and goes straight to bed ----I wonder if he dreams of swinging!
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