Monday, September 21, 2009

New purse travels

From Heber Springs to Little Rock,how new purse will travel---These are pictures from our week-in ---it started out with me getting up early Saturday morning (6:30AM) I was at my son Tony's house by 7:00AM to head to the city wide yard sales in out home town, Tony and his family loaded up,his wife and my lovely grand children ----we were all disapointed in the turn out of yard sales,so we hit about 4-5 stops,Tony did the best,he found a x-mas strobe ball home made from clear plastic cups and light,I think they usually sell for about $20.00-he gave a buck for it,(well one dollar-to clear up that amount) we went back to Tony's house where the children ate breakfast-a quick bowl of cereal and then it was "On the road again" we headed to Heber Springs and hit thrift stores, Flea markets & consignment stores, We found lots of neat places to shop that none of us had been before, Julie & the girles found several like new pieces of clothing,I found a couple things my self,one being my new purse (from the line of Jaclyn Smith Collection) I just love it and only gave a buck for it on sale at a thrift store. Now you can't beat that! My kind of sale---smile---- We all stopped at a sonic and ate out doors-I loved that. Getting to spend time with my family is always top on my list,as we do not have time to get together often.I think they all had a fun too. My grand children are growing so fast and talk so grown up now,8 years and one will have a birthday soon, Nov. 1th and she will be 7.

I did not take pictures of us shopping,now I wish I had-smile----I did take the camera to Little Rock later that day, Monday the 21th is our Anniversary.(Bill has to work-) We have been together 6 years now; and above is the room we stayed in at Howard Johnson (pool area right out side our room alone with pool table, games and beautiful plants we loved it, also it was in the same parking lot as the Holiday-In ,which has a dance floor and a DJ,so we walked over sit back and people watched before we left we did have to dance a slow dance,then back to our room by this time it was midnight and we were tired,we woke up to late to use our free breakfast passes so we went and ate Mexican before we headed back home,we were still tired and came home fed our dogs and took a hour and half nap, got up went and took pictures of an Ambulance to post on Ebay,got it posted-I have a lot of stuff I need to post on Ebay,so maybe I can work on that the nights Bill is working.GOT to find time as I have to much stuff here that I need to be selling and I really have a hard time getting yard sales together,how ever I do plan to have a big one as soon as we get stuff moved from one side of our garage to out new storage building (wich we now have shelves for) then after the garage is clean I hope to close in one side and turn it into my photography room With no sitting fees I am getting more and more people who want me to do photo shoots. God knows we have a list of things to do and little time,we did get our custom size padio door in,and have that to get installed plus we want to do wood floors one day-looks like that will be put off until spring,we just have a lot we need to do here. We will get it all done. God's will.
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