Friday, September 25, 2009

Home cooked meals-with kids awake

This little one played alone right here in the kitchen with me for a good 20 minutes,did she eat a cookie before meal time YES- just one,then I found her clothes pins & empty butter bowl -that was all it took,she loved taking them out and putting them in from the drawer to bowl,she was happy; once it sounded like she was trying to count them,I heard one-two -five come out of her mouth,so I'm thinking even if she turned one this month,she has been listening when we count here. I have noticed her looking at us when we count as if she wants to join in. She's a thinker no doubt. I believe in Keeping kids busy-group and; re-group and above all keep them dry and fed well-that's how I do it---last hour is hardest as kids head home they all want to go NOW when another leaves---all and all I have good kids-I work to keep it that way.

Today I thought I'd use up the last two bananas we have and make the kids a Banana pudding, so for snack this will be what they have today,I think they will love the surprise.

While Eryn played and entertained her self for me,the oldest put puzzles together,as the other little ones played in the play room well most the time,I did hear a fight or two but,I let them work it out as no one was getting hurt.

So for lunch they had bean-E-wienies ---fried potatoes/cheese on top and fruit, they took their nap a little later then usual as I let two watch TV cartoons in bed a bit before they napped in hopes that one of them would not hear when his dad came to pick up his brother for SHOTS----OCH! Eryn went this morning and got both her little legs poked, she did well and she has not been fussy sense brought back here, so far she has not acted like her legs are sore at all. Gavin might or might not be back his dad I am hoping if he does he want be in pain. Hard for a mom or dad to see the little ones hurt,I can still remember just about crying with mine on shot days.

Got to love home cooked meals
Well it is Friday and glad I am-Time to rest. My husband will be home tomarrow and just maybe we can get a padio door installed. It will be a two man job, so I hope he can get a helper here tomarrow. The one we have now hurts me to pull on,it gets stuck!

Good week-in to you all
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