Sunday, September 27, 2009

While Miss Rita cooks

This is a favorite thing for Aryn -shredding paper-----I have to watch where I put my News paper----smile-----she looks as if she is reading it,then when done she believes in shredding it as if it was top secret so no one else can read it--laugh----Here this was a day of entertaining herself while I cooked our lunch. she has also decided if Claire goes to potty so will she, she gets on it by her self (by the way Claire is doing great during her potty days here) Aryn's mom said she puts her on the potty when she wakes up in the morning because when mommy goes so will child----and she has tee -tee'ed, I was surprised when her mom came in and said she has been using the pot when she wakes up. Good for Eryn, maybe a sign she will ditch the diapers at a early age.

In the bottom picture I'd say after all the fun shredding the dog food sack,it was dinner time then she sacked out her self. Sweet dreams baby girl!

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