Sunday, September 27, 2009

Meet Liz

My husband has been seeing a lot of these around where he works,he caught this one to show me,well we have it here at home still and have had for a week-we have been killing insects to fed her/him -----I named her Liz lol because she is pink. Liz is a gecko lizard,I don't think there are many around here. cute little thing,this one is still a a baby,they grow to 6 inches long,this one is maybe two inches now. We are undecided on how long we will keep Liz,depends on how well she says with us feeding her I guess. we may just end up with her and a few more if hubby can catch more-I read they can run 15 miles an hour short distends-wow-if all is well in another week I'm thinking Liz is doing good here,she drinks a lot of water,we use a coke lid for a water bowl. Kids here have not met Liz yet. The kids will love watching Liz I think. The kids was the main reason Bill wanted to catch it to show and I think my grand children will delight in taking her to show and tell at their school also. So I am hoping Liz does well long enough to show lots of children.

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