Monday, September 28, 2009

Entergy to play

Well this has been another beautiful day---Today started out with a good breakfast-----A favorite of the kid's, pancakes cooked with cinnamon apple sauce in the batter topped with butter,syrup & strawberry preserves Mmmm. If you have not added apple sauce you much try it is WONDERFUL. My own recipe . Smile

The children filled up, and after breakfast they played with puzzles & watch one show on TV,then it was out side to enjoy the weather--We was out there for an hour at lest,maybe a little more. after they came in played games,watched another 30 minute cartoon (while I cooked) it was nap time,then out side for another 45 minutes. (They all got to go out some time today), then it was clean up time and wait on moms here. I hope you get to go out side and enjoy the weather---------I hear it is suppose to drop down to 40 tonight-wow---maybe tomorrow will be another pretty day ----------- LOVE IT!
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