Saturday, October 3, 2009

Home sweet home-David my son

Here is a picture of David,my youngest son, I will have to get some up to date pictures of him,he looks the same except he has lost some weight.

David as most you know has schizophrenia,on Wed. of last week I talked to the woman who answers Dr. C's phone and David was Paranoid, up set with her,had yelled at her and sounded  delusion to her,(he was about the same with me-this is all signs of his illness) she said David left a message and then she spoke to him.

she either played the message to the Doctor or told him and I was then called by her and told by this lady that David's doctor wanted him in a hospital NOW,and that David had to go, even if I had to say he threaded me and call 911, have him cuffed and took in and hilt until he was evaluated and got into a hospital, seems David told her he would not agree to go---well after calling my husband who said "you know David has been doing this for awhile now" one more day want hurt,he thought he could talk to David on Thurs. his day home and see if he would agree to go, I took off the Thurs. scared of how we would get David into the hospital---- thinking we would be packing David's bags for A mental hospital and feeling like crying as I always do when David has to go into one(I spoke with Dr. C about a month ago about David -he did not think to much of what I said, even though I told him David was not as stable on his Medication as he has been in the pass-Dr. C said David was on a light dosage now and he would talk to him about what we spoke about on his next visit,which was Feb. 2010) well Tony David's brother talked to David and got him to agree to be evaluated --only if he could talk to his Dr. C first,he called and ask for him and he did get to talk to him in person and that changed everything.

After Dr. C spoke to David which by this time was like 3pm Thursday and after I was a nervous wreck all day ---worried silly about David. Dr. C said he believed David was just stressed bad and got him to agree to start Therapy this coming week and keep it up to release stress.(I was still worried about David being in the state of mind he was in,wondering what was going on in his head)) David was happy to agree and was scared he was going to be back in the mental hospital, he was there a week in June,he was about the same when he came home,still was not thinking clear. He came home taking 12 medications----he looked drugged and I was worried about him taking all those medications---they ran his blood pressure up real high,he had to have his medication for that changed. His blood sugar was high. Dr. C took him off all but three of those medications. He was more down to earth and sounded much better, his blood sugar got back to normal,he still has to take blood pressure medication. I just thought he needed one dosage increased a little more (still do) I am not the Doctor. I am glad David is not in a hospital. I was just about sick wed. afternoon,it was about 4pm when all this came about,so I had until the next day at 3pm to worry and I did!
I was a  little nervous Friday but much much better myself. David being angry is new to me and the family,something that has just been happening in the past year and it seemed to come and go,never lasted long, He does not seem to have good coping skills,but then maybe being on the edge of a relaspe has something to do with this.

Today I spent time with David he was looking good --sounded much less stressed---and we went and he got his grocers, he was in a good mood and even laughed-----It was good to hear. Keep us in your prayers, maybe the doctor is on to something -smile,I have heard he is a good Doctor,I hope so. One thing I know for sure is that David can not be to stressed he will relapse,even if he is taking his medication right. Dr. C says he is harmless and that he would hurt him self he believes before he would any one else and that he was angry from stress. God help me to be more patient myself and more understanding of mental illness,I hope to be a better person. A blessing I will have David to thank. God works in mysterius ways indeed!

For now David is at home and doing much better --- Thank you Tony----your visit and long talk with David did him a world of good. "HOME SWEET HOME"

I believe in every ones life there comes a time When: There is plenty of food but one is not hungry----There is a warm bed but one can not sleep--- A nice car to drive but one does not want to go anywhere.

WE ALL NEED CALM AND PEACE TO BE HAPPY. We must look up to find these things. God Bless David and God bless you.
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