Monday, October 5, 2009

Colter's surgery

This is colter our grandson,he was 1 year in Aug 2009.we have no up to date pictures,this was took in may 2009,(this is daughter #2's son-Ashley is his mom)He was born 90% deaf, he could only hear a little out of one ear--last week he made it fine through surgery in hopes to help his hearing,The results was not want we wanted to hear.The surgery took away the little he did have and Doctor's now say they are not sure he will get that back--time will tell------Pray for Colter. Also we have another grandson Ayden (by daughter # 1 Stephanie) he will be 2 years old this month,he is healthy, Stephanie is expecting another baby,looks like around Jan. -first of Feb 2010. maybe, we pray it will be healthy too. We also got news Sunday "on daughter # 3's birthday" that Heather is now ingaged to marry, no date set yet,we hope it will be a long ingagement,even though the young man seems to be really a good person---The girls are growing up to fast,Heather(#3) is 19 and in collage full time now.We want them all to be happy in life but time is just going by to fast, my oldest son says he is also ingaged to marry in 2011. He went through a divorce last year,he has no children and this lady has a 7 year old girl,so looks like we will be getting another grand-daughter soon too. Like I once said with 7 children between Bill and I,there is never a boring day with us.looks like by 2011 we could have 6 grangchildren-WOW

I seen my son David today for a few minutes,I took him his medicine,Wal-mart was terrible,we much change drug stores-I was hour and half getting his bottles filled. They had not started on it yet.His Doctor's office called him at 3pm and told him they called it in. David was doing real good today.

I have had a real good day,it was 8:00pm before I got to sit down long ,but I am doing nothing but relaxing now,my hubby was doing dishes when I got back from dropping off David's Medicine.I was so thankful. we ate a hamburger and called it good. Home cooked. The children was all real good today.I know I sounded not happy or at lest some stressed when the last mom arrived a little past 5:30---Nothing personal please,I was just dreading Wal-mart,I was tired. I understand standing in line to long all to well. So if I hurt your feelings I am sorry. It was nothing you did. I just want my son to change drug stores and I think maybe tonight I have him checking into it---YEA. Time to relax with hubby now----my favorite time MOST THE TIME---smile.I will say I do like the nights to my self,I am always busy busy busy,but I do not feel I am taking away from our time like I do when I have to run with him here....
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