Friday, October 9, 2009

Good company today

I do not get to see my baby brother much-Greg (my brother on the left and in the single picture) and my son Hershel came by to map out their trip to work Monday-Greg and Hershel will be working together at a new job contracted through Lowe's stores,both have been working at Wal-mart stores contract labor.They are both excited and it does sound like a good job. They came by late this afternoon right before my children left and was gone before all the children was gone. It was good to visit with Greg. I got to tell them about our up coming family reunion on the 17Th,I hope they will be back for it,but could be sent out to work on that date,our Aunt Adean will be coming from Dallas and her two boys my first cousins,I have not seen my cousins from Dallas in years,so I am all excited about our reunion.

I am having a pot luck here at my house tomorrow night too that I am also excited about,all the moms of the children I keep and I are getting together to chat -eat-and get to know each other better-all ladies,so it will be like a ladies night out too. My sister Kay is sick with a cold & sinus problems so she want get to make it,Kay stands in for me a lot here when I have to take David my son to the doctor or if I need to go myself. I hate that she can not make it. She is a blessing to me. I hope it all goes well and we will want to do it again.
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