Friday, October 9, 2009

Tick or treat is in the air

It's getting close to that time of the year--Those Little ones all dressed up so cute in their costumes-I love it, I hope to see the children I care for here as well as others including our Grand kids-I will be taking pictures. We do love children here. Last year we took our two grand-girls and their mom and dad we too,we all loaded up and went to BOO AT THE ZOO in Little Rock-we all had fun. This year those kids will be going on a hay ride and trick or treating with their little uncle's (they are close to the same age) I know they will have fun but this granny will miss seeing them if they do not stop by here,maybe they all will. We did miss our Grandson Aden,we did not know he was in town and he came while we was in Little Rock.

I have Jack-o-lantern's I need to get put out soon-nothing to scary as the children will be afraid to come during the week days. I tried scary one year and had to take part of it down as it scared little ones before Halloween night. Good luck mom's with your kids not screaming Halloween night from all the ghost,witches & monsters out there. More to add to your story and tell them about when they grow up-take lots of pictures and PLEASE STOP BY IF YOU CAN-LOVE TO SEE YOU. Rita
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