Monday, October 12, 2009

what a honor to Batesville

Here are some pictures I took last night of the beautiful statue that was put up yesterday about 2:00pm in front of the new fire station. We were heading to Little Rock and did not attend this great Honor to the new station and the community----Now I an wishing we had of made it,we did pass it coming this way on the fire truck but I did not get a snap of it as it got close enough to see it was gone. I now miss all the pictures I'd got had we stayed here and attended.

Folks have been asking will Bill be moving to the new station--yes he has already moved and slept one night there, he has an office there and has been working on arranging all his stuff, he has been the Training Officer for several years now,he does keep busy, The new building is really super nice (Million dollar building)and I am sure there will be an open house soon. Hope you can go see it then-------------Rita

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