Monday, February 15, 2010

Potty Girl Eryn

Eryn has decided to potty train her self,she now gets her pants off all by her self,I do have to help her put them back on,however her mom says she sometimes gets them back on at home,but usually backwards--She deserves a big hand---CLAP CLAP CLAP. She want be two years old for several more months.she will say, pee pee -help! and off she goes a running to the potty.

Below-Eryn's first doggy ears.She loves them

Eryn also loves to color and mark,she is tring to count,
I have heard her make it to 4 several times,and I am
working on colors with her,at the rate she is going,I see her
putting words together by three.
Speaking of words,
Gracelyne spells her first name now NINE letters,she is only three,
she is learning to recognise the letters of the alphabet now,as is Reese,
Reece can spell his first and last name now,he is learning to write it too, Reece turned 4 in Jan. 2010,and Peyton who turned three
knows the first letter of his name,when he see's it-I am working with him on learning more
letters and spelling his name,maybe it want be long until he can spell it.
I have so much fun helping the children learn.several can say the letters from A-Z-
with no help.Brayden is not two and now is singing his alphabet and even adds the little verse
at the end,"now I know my ABC'S next time want you sang with me,he also knows all his basic
colors,and counts from 1-15 most the time with out missing up. I have some smart kid-o's here,
they catch on pretty fast. I am proud of them,most of them love our learning time.claire is two,
it's about time she learns some letters too.she counts well for her age,Claire has been singing the alphabet sence before she was two yrs. old--and knows all her basic
colors also.
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Anonymous said...

Eryn is just the cutest thing-

Anonymous said...

gotta love a little toddler that takes her pants off but I want to take her knickers down, I love the feel of the soft skin as I take off a toddlers knickers