Monday, February 15, 2010

Whats a snow heart

Snow Hearts-Hubby hurried and did this while grilling our
steaks out doors on Valentine's Day-How I did not catch him
-I do not know! It took two attempts to get out steak dinner,as the
first time, as soon as the grill got hot there was an apartment fire
that Bill had to go to which took two hours-well, I finished up cleaning
my PC/guest bed room. I had let it get way out of hand,piling it up.

There was bunk beds in there for our grand children,usually they
ended up crawling in our bed,as they got older,they ended up pulling
out our sofa bed-well that sofa was replaced,so shortly we may have
to remove that tanning bed to a room down stairs (our safe room/exercise)
and put back the other twin bed.

This room looks SO much better-I am proud of my work.
We had a wonderful week-in,I left my camera behind,we went to Hot Springs Sat; back to the horse races at oak lawn,we had a lot of fun there.We even played the slots after the race.we broke even
on every thing,close-we left there while we was $20 bucks ahead. We then went down town and ate at a wonderful little place in the old historic part of Hot Springs,the food was SO good.We left stuffed as two little pigs. It was Sunday afternoon when we got to see
our Grand baby Chy, she is up to 8lbs. and 6 oz. now,her mom loved the clothes I took her---I plan to do a photo shoot of Chy real soon.I will post pictures then. our grandson was full of it Sunday,Ayden is two years and 4 months now.(Chy's brother) he and his papal Bill played hard most the time we were there.After we left that visit we went to visit my mother and father-N-law,they was doing as well as can be expected.Jimmy had tests done and there was a spot found in his stomach,so he had a biopsy done last week,it will be later this week before we know if it is cancer,(the waiting is terrible) he finished his cancer treatments about a month ago,this spot is a new place that has come up. he had colon cancer,and part of his colon was removed about a year ago. We are afraid for him. Add him and his family to your prayer list. he did not look good and is still loosing weight.
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Leslie said...

I love your snow hearts!