Saturday, February 13, 2010

Something Old Something New

Well finely we are past our sore throats and we are going to get to go visit our new Grand baby Chy,she was born Dec. 23rd,we have not seen her in several weeks now because one of us has had a bad sore throat and sometimes both us have. I have several out fits to take Chy.some I bought new on sale (I rarely buy anything full price) and others I got at a consignment store at 30%-75% off. I got some really cute stuff. I love baby shopping;always have! I even keep a new boys out fit and a new girls out fit in my Birthday box-yes I have a birthday box,I get toys on sale and keep something for age 2-4 and age 5-7. So when a party comes up that I get invited too,I am ready to grab-wrap-and go! (if I am in town then or am able to go)I put things back all year long for x-mas gifts also. I get all new on sale,from night gowns-house shoes -robes to bedding and bath towel sets -and such--when x-mas time comes around,I have half my stuff bought by Sept. I save a bundle this way.

I my self have more clothes then any One person should own. I do have several pieces that I need to load up and carry to a consignment store. I use to work in the public eye and have lots of nice brand name dress clothes that no longer fit me,I must add this to my "SPRING To Do LIST" It has to be done as we are running out of room and we have 3600 square feet in this house not counting the attic that has a pull down ladder and a floor covering several feet there to store stuff. I have E-Bay stuff to sale also,as I have boxes of stuff stored from when I moved into this house from a house I lived in for 14 years,now one can acquire a lot of pretties in 14 years-in which I left a lot for my son who lives there and I have no room for the rest here. My renters are moving out of one house that I rent about 20 miles from me here,Maybe I can put some new curtains up there and some other stuff that I have. That's another project that we will have to "make" time for,as soon as these folks leave,we have to do some work there,looks like it will be around the middle or last of March,as they are having some work done in a house they bought. I will miss them,they have been wonderful renters-I hope to get more like them,when we rented the house next door we had great renters also. They are getting harder to come by these days I think. Wish us luck.
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