Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Two Beautiful Girls

Aways Stars In My Book----I took these pictures last year of my two grand daughters---They both had spend the night at my house and we had loads of fun singing,playing games,watching TV,and eating pizza-I will have to have them both over soon,and invite some friends of theirs,Peighton (A girl)and Leyah,I just bet they would like that.I like seeing them all enjoy them selves.Then after having them,I will need to have Ajay over and take him to the fire station,maybe Reece could stay over with Ajay,I think they would love it.I might brave it and invite all 4 over one day,maybe when it gets warm weather again.We have lots of sleeping bags here,I think they might like camping out here.

Children up dates---Today was a good day here,the children worked on crafts which tomorrow we will try and finish up,Gavin is trying to say Buster.I have only heard him say 3 words so far,"momma,daddy(I have not heard this in months,and by ,he says that a lot and will tell the other children by when they leave.)so I am working on getting him to talk more for me. gracelyne has been quiet lately,today she talked more. I got her up in my lap and talked to her,got her to laughing and she really liked that,I think I need to give her more attention,Peyton has been talking up a storm lately and so has Reece,I love it when kids talk a lot. Claire talks a lot,Braydon has started talking a lot too,speaking of Braydon,he is doing real good with his potty training,Now Eryn wants to go pee pee,all day long she is going to potty. she tries to pull her pants up and down too,she will be playing and stop and say pee pee and off to the potty she heads,I think she is going to train her self. I want stop her! Eryn has learned to jump,yes she can now get both feet off the floor,she can also turn a full summer souse;she loves doing that,she also loves walking backwards. Eryn talks all the time;she is good at following directions too,which I am liking--- It is neat watching the children grow and learn new things.I love my job.I love all the children,no two are alike,they all learn at their own pace! god Bless The Children.
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Anonymous said...

there is no such thing as bad children only bad melt downs-lol--Kathy---I love your will be kids-

Anonymous said...

you always sound so fair with the kids-no sugar coating with you.They have a clear understanding of what is expected of them