Thursday, March 11, 2010

After The Storm

Last night we got some storm damage in our back yard-This tree that broke close to the children's sand box,My sister and my mom was here from 8:30 until 11:pm,part of that time we was in the basement.We sit and caught up on family news while watching fox 16.We have a room down stairs with a king size water bed a sofa that makes out in to a full size bed,TV and exercise equipment, a book shelf full of books,and a battery powered scanner,and flash light-so we can pretend there is no storm in that room until it blows over--and in there one just barely can hear thunder.I prefer to just pretend there is no storm and read or sleep. If the children are here and a bad storm comes up that room is where we go.We plan to add a small shower,sink and toilet down there also.We also have a office room there,and a room that Bill works on emergency lights. Our secret room lol-hardly no one knows it is there.Our garage is a mess,I have room for my car and man does it need cleaned out---our next project,put floor in our building out back this spring(well that's here)and clean out the garage and then I am adding dividers,painting & turning half of it into my photography room.WORK WORK,does it ever end,yeah when we kick the bucket!So I plan to and look forward to good old hard work and enjoying my hobby for many years to come.
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