Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sign's Of Spring

Well we lost an hours sleep today-it will take me a few days to adjust to our time change,but I am loving the extra light at the end of the day,I have had such a great week-in.Friday hubby and I had to go to Hardy on a business matter,which went real good,and afterward we stopped and ate at COUNTY KITCHEN CAFE-man it was good,the best chicken steak-N-gravy I have ever had I believe.We did over eat by adding pecan pie and peach cobbler-both with ice cream,I want order the dessert next time.We do plan on going back there to eat. Speaking of eating out I am hearing RED ROSTER CAFE in Newark has wonderful food too,we eat out at lest once a week,and are always looking for good old country cooking.

I have started some yard work,cleaning out flower beds here,we have lots of different kinds of flowers popping up.I have seen a lot of worms as I clean,Reece will like those;he loves looking for snails&worms. I am just SO glad we have warmer weather on it's way.The children need to run off some of their energy.They have been getting mad at each other and there have been two that have bite marks to show,luckily the skin did not break.They are at that is something I hate to see happen,but a common thing among toddlers.This week we have a Birthday Boy,Brayden will be two,so tomorrow we have a little party planned here for him with his play mates.I am hopping it does not rain as I plan on the children being able to enjoy some out door games----This party I want get to post pictures,as the parents do not want his picture on my post and I always ask first and respect a parents wishes. I went to mom's today and we had a good visit,then this afternoon I took two children (LEYAH & AJAY) to see the ALICE IN WONDERLAND movie--in3D---they sure did love that,I have not got to spend much time with them since they both are in school now,so while their parents was visiting family,I got their kids to hang out with a couple hours-I loved it as much as the children did.After the movie the children caught up with their parents and I headed to wal-mart to buy me some containers to sort and put pictures in,as I have a lot of loose pictures;so a fun and eventful week in for us here.
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