Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cell Phone Problems

After being on the phone twice today,once I was on hold for 35 minutes and gave up(thankful for my good speaker phone while changing diapers and feeding a hungry boy),I had to call back when less busy,(like I have that kind of time)I was on hold another 45 minutes tonight and then, after useless tests and questions,I was told I'd have a new phone here in 2 days.I was trying to get hubby a new phone on it's way,he had less time then me today, as he was on duty at the fire station.well his new FREE replacement phone will be (should be) here on his birthday. Speaking of his Birthday,now I need to go pick him up a gift tonight as tomorrow night he will be home and Thursday is his birthday,in which he has a meeting to be at in another town at 7:00pm,so I will have to have him a cup cake and card waiting when he returns and that gift I will pick up om his birthday and not tonight after the long at&t ordeal,I'm pooped,hubby's mom called to say she would be here around 7pm on his birthday,her and his dad wanted to bring him a gift (still mom's boy) I told her to just wait until the week in as he want be here.(tomarrow is my time with him) They was shocked! Well the world just does not stop for our birthdays here.we seem to stay busy busy.I have dishes to wash now,a kitchen floor to mop,carpets to vacuum,then I will rest,take a shower(since when has a shower became work for me too-HELP)I feel like I am squeezing that in there like a mom with a new born baby.

I will be past ready for our Florida Vacation in which we plan for the later part of April.
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