Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ready to warm up

Some of the children played out awhile today-Claire was ready to go back in side with-in 15 minutes,Eryn cried when time to go in,it was kind of cold and a bit windy,Eryn has sweat pants over her knit pants,a thick sweater over her tee shirt,a coat with hood on over all that,plus her skirt,she did not want to take off this morning,I double layered her for out doors but her mom told me this story this morning;Meagan said ERYN dressed her self this morning,her tee was on but, backwards (she did let her mom fix that)her pants Eryn put on her self,her Dora hat was on backwards,and she has her mom's boots on the wrong feet(Meagan did get Eryn's shoes on)Eryn had a skirt over her knit pants(which she wore here)that was the scene her mom found after coming back into her room this morning,I thought HOW FUNNY AND SIMPLY TO CUTE a story.They are SO cute when they start dressing them selves.I love it.

" Things kids do"
One day last week after putting the children down for a nap,one got up to go potty,which one is still a mystery,well I hardly ever go into my hubby's bath room and when he went in the next morning,HE STEPPED IN POOP!We know it was people poop and not doggy poop,as the dog was off limits to his bath room and the room they nap in. it was funny,well I thought so. one time when Peyton was potty training,he stood proud on a stool in front of the pot,(going to do it like a man)well he found out one has to set to poop! I laughed for days about this,and once I had the pot part out of a potty chair cleaning it when the phone ring,I hurried to answer it,leaving the pot to soak in the sink,when I returned Gracelyne was sitting on the pot peeing in the floor and she did not have a clue why "it was leaking"! Potty days always have funny stories. Ahhh the wonder years.
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