Friday, March 26, 2010

Girls can too

It has been such a nice day,I was so excited when Bill told me to look out the window at our peach tree in full bloom,it has only been here a year,we put it out last spring . last year it had 4 peaches,so I hope we get some this year. I love the beautiful pink flowers.

This week we have got new out door toys for the kids here,Two Little Tike's lawn mowers and a little Tike's T-ball set. Just look at little Claire,I did not have to tell her twice how this game works,she had a ball! I showed her where and how to stand,how to swing and what part of the bat to hit the ball with----OH GIRL! she did great. the more I cheered her on the harder she would hit that ball. I am so proud of her.

The kids loved the mowers too-in fact all the kids loved them,they all took turns very well,I have one more on it's way and I am looking into a few more out door toys to buy,They also got new sand buckets. I will clean out their sand box this week-in and next week if we have nice weather they will get to play in it.The kids also played basket ball today with the Little Tike's goal, (this goal is about 8 years old now)---I really like the brand,I have a step two wagon that I got a few years back, paid almost $100 bucks for it and it did not hold up well at all,two years was it before a wheel broke off and it might "not sure"can be welded back on. That kind of made me not want to invest a lot on step two brand toys.I am looking to get the wagon repaired,wish me luck.

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cristiegce said...

Glad to see that you are already training Peyton to mow the yard! lol I plan on this being one of his chores when he gets older! haha