Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Box Car Willie

Here is Peyton playing in a box-most the day he was in that box picking and a singing,he did not want any one in his box; he sure was in a good mood today-Reece and Gracelyne hung out a lot together today they have been trying lately to "race" through their meals, just to see who can finish a meal first.

We all worked together today to clean the play room and rearrange it some, it was block world here for awhile today,they all had fun with the blocks,and they did not have all the blocks out. This morning Gavin watched his mom drive off and he heard Peyton saying by mom I love you,Gavin said OVE VIEW----he said it about three times over and over and was just a grinning like he had learned new words and was proud of him self,now he will have to say them for his mom,because when I told her this afternoon when she picked him up about it,she has yet to hear those words come from Gavin----Get ready it's a coming mom----they are never sweeter then when they throw those words at you,my heart melts when ever they tell me they love me-----I just love those little ones SO MUCH. It does Seem I am hearing it a lot lately and some times they use it right after they are up to something---sneaky but, still sweet or maybe more like sweet and sour! grin.
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