Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Child Labor Laws

Looks like I should be paying his parents instead of the other way around.

HE VOLUNTEERED! well he did, today Reece helped me clean a spot out that I have a terrible time reaching, it was cluttered up and dirty. OK maybe I am milking it for all it's worth as "Granny" use to say. Reece will be leaving us soon for preschool,I will miss him in so many ways,it is not often I let the kids help me out (I'm learning still I guess) it just so happens we have more fun mixing work with play sometimes,sure makes the day go by faster and the children learn while they have fun. Children love to work! they really do and I am all for it as long as the chores are very limited,and I work along with them. I find that if I work with them,they do not feel like it is work at all,nor do I.

Today Reece has earned the Happy Helper award,so on Friday he will be surprised to get it and a couple others will go home with Happy Helper awards also,one day out of the week I do house work while the kids are here or yard work and if they want to help,I put them to work and do my best to teach them how to do the job and have fun.
I want to instill in them a sense of pride for a job well done with nothing ask in return. Volunteer work. It's good at any age----when was the last time you volunteered to work!
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