Thursday, June 24, 2010

Home bound with kids

I am not able to walk on both legs yet----I hope I am healing well. I am waiting on a MRI to tell the Dr. what really went wrong. on June 4Th,I was leaning over and with the weight of a toddler(not even full weight)I hurt my right leg/ankle. It has been terrible,the pain was really really bad,and for a week I was in pain every time I got up using a walker,then my hands hurt so bad I had to have a wheel chair,I will be calling tomorrow to check on a MRI date,I hope I get one,in the mean time my daughter-N-Law Julie has been helping me out,part time for her but I believe she is glad to be earning some pay while looking for a full time job. She had had some interviews,I am not sure how much longer she will be helping me out(I hope I heal soon with out needing surgery,a MRI will let us know the answer on the surgery part. Pray I heal.

My hubby has been helping mop-doing some laundry,he has been bring me dinner home a lot,he is not much on cooking,not much is an under statement,he does not cook.he does grill a wonderful steak.I am thankful for the lunch Julie makes,I have tried to help her some there,most the time she does it all and her girls bring me a plate. Julie has been SO good with the children,they all really like her.She also has been helping me with my son David who had surgery on his back,he had a huge cyst taken off one his doctors say was the biggest they have ever seen,so the core went really deep,he has about two weeks of having to get to the hospital to have the dressing changed-Dr. Possy would not hear of home health folks doing it for him.Julie has been taking him,he even has to go on week-ins. (David does not drive)Julie has been a blessing,my injury happened at a bad time,I am usually the one to run David. Julie has been a real blessing to both my self,David and the children here,If Julie gets called to work I am hoping my sister Kay will come help out with the kids(Kay does not drive-but lives a block away)so Julie will be helping out with David until I can drive,hopefully her hubby will help her there and run him some soon.I hear through the grape vine that Kay told her daughter Michelle that I was wanting her to help me and she may not be coming to visit as much this summer(Kay works for a school and is off work during the summer months)I think a higher power will work it out and will not have to close,if I do for any amount of time then I know it will be for the best and all will work out.

Keeping the faith

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