Sunday, June 27, 2010

What a team / How am I

Here is Madelyn and Aryn-they both love bubbles and what a team they made here----Madelyn loves playing with Aryn----Also Aryn love to tell Madelyn to cry and thinks it is so cool when Madelyn pretends to cry.

Madelyn has been such a help with the children the past few weeks here,she is SO good with toddlers.

Her sister Jadelyn has been her mom's helper buying groceries and running errand's for me and David Shannon (her uncle Shan-Shan)

Update on my leg/ankle---it is not swelling as much at the end of a day,and it does not hurt now,my heel just want touch the floor if I straighten my leg to stand., it's about an inch off the floor and when I try to get it to touch it will hurt in my calf the worst where it snapped and I feel it down to my ankle,which gets blue around it by the end of a day still , feels like my muscle in the calf area is rolled up,strange feeling,it gets tight in the afternoon after not laying still----------------I hope to see Dr. angel this week and find out about the MRI and maybe he can tell me if I NEED to try and stretch it a little each day or if it will take surgery----Keep me in your prayers.

This not walking is a terrible feeling and I think of people who have something happen and never walk again----it takes faith to over come the mental depression I am sure, I know when I had cancer and was told there was 50/50 chance that I'd recover,it changes me and made me stronger-I know what does not kill us makes us stronger. I know God is with me and he will give me strength to recover from this injury.Every thing happens for a reason.

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