Monday, July 12, 2010

feeling much better


I am recovering from my injury-Friday will make me 6 weeks since it happened,Iam walking alone now,MOST the day,I still have to give my leg a break and use a crutch some.My back is giving me problems now,IT HURTS SOMETHING leg still hurts some and my ankle hurts & still swells some by the end of a day.I have used walker,cane wheel chair and the crutch.I am so happy to be able to walk,I limp and walk slow,but I am getting there.Looks like it will take me all the 8 to 12 weeks to heal fully.I am driving now,not a lot of weight on the leg there,I just can not walk around in stores yet.(saving MAD money)I did go see how the rent trailer was coming along on the remodel job,Bill has been working on it almost every day some,steps are hard on me,but I can get up and down them going at a turtle speed.I am so glad to be able to put my walking tools away-well most of them.I will need my crutch a week or so longer I think.I hope every thing is healing up as it is suppose to and I do not have surgery down the road-----Keeping the faith Rita.
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