Thursday, August 26, 2010

My girls

Whats the girls been up to --Gracelyne age 3--Eryn age 2 and Claire(my drop-in)age 2-----

mostly checking out the new kid----playing dress up and lots of coloring . They have all got good at coloring,and Eryn (in the red) can now spell her name,says her ABC's and can count to 15. she is into learning her colors also. Oh and this is my child who potty trained her self starting at about age 16 months she started going to the bath room and wanting to pee on the potty,she is a pantie girl now.

she loves to draw and try to write her name, she just turned 2 last week. she talks talks and talks now,loves to use her manners--- Gracelyne loves feeding the new babies. Gracelyne is also liking the fact that she is the big kid here. Gracelyne likes story time these days and loves picking out the books for me to read and she loves for me to color along with her.
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