Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kelly Wyatt's Famous Carrot Salad

My mom has been working and taking care of the salad bar at Kelly Wyatt's Restaurant here in our little town for over 30 years-----This is a favorite salad that she serves and she makes all the salads her self! (and the pies)

As all good cooks she never measures,nor do I, so to make this you must just have an ideal of how much you want to make,about two cups of shredded carrots will start the making of a serving for two,from there you add by looking how much raisin's you'd like in your salad,and so on until all the ingredient's are in there,now we use chopped can pineapple (drained) after every thing is added- add back about 2 oz. of the pineapple juice,the coconut is the bag shredded kind for cooking--the salad dressing must be Kraft miracle wrip and not to be mistaken for Kraft mayonnaise-that want be no where as good. I'm guessing maybe 2 tablespoons of the salad dressing,you want the salad kind of thick not thin or watery and just about 1 teaspoon of sugar(just enough to sweeten it a tad) keep refrigerated, and serve cold

Now there you have it----it is Mmmm good----go on give it a shot-you can do it! I love this stuff----
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