Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Me and the little ones

On my left sits Gavin ----what a difference a hair cut makes,Gavin loves every one telling him they like his hair cut-----he just smiles big,I think he likes his new hair cut too,he walks by my full length mirror and stops and just smiles looking at his self. Now that Peyton is in pre-school, Gavin has been trying to talk more,he can not say a lot of his words well,he sure is trying more now--even Gracelyne has talked a LOT more. I wondered if Gavin would miss his brother being here but I think he likes him not being here,I know they love each other very much,but Gavin is more out going with Peyton gone.I am enjoying the new Gavin and the new Gracelyne.Time apart is good for him I think.
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Anonymous said...

his hair looks good cut short---I thought he was a girl with the long hair,sorry.

Anonymous said...

YOUR kids look happy-love the boys hair cut-little man now.Peggy in MS.

Anonymous said...