Monday, November 8, 2010

fun out doors

Today was such a nice day,we were out doors a lot.Isaac is walking now all over the yard,he had so much fun today keeping up with the big kids.He would just walk around,then he would push cars around,he enjoyed the swing also and chased our dog Buster around the yard. Eryn and Gracelyne mostly played like they was shopping.Andrew is starting to like the trampoline now that he can jump on it with the other children.

Check out Gavin,he was asleep with-in 5 minutes of being back in doors today,at nap time they was all asleep with-in 5 minutes. All the children did good playing together,Gavin is getting better at sharing,he has not been one to play well with others,in side or out side. I am glad he had a good day today.He took a 2 hour nap today.I think he was plum worn out (as granny would say)

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